Western Electricity Coordinating Council

​Grid Fundamentals

In this 2 1/2-day workshop, you will take a holistic look at the fundamentals of electric grid operations, how electricity is generated, transmitted, and distributed. You will also review policy, environmental issues, and current events. In this workshop style class, you will experience lecture, hands-on activities, and discussion resulting in Grid Fundamentals.

Class Topics

  • Fundamentals of Electricity and the Interconnected System
  • Generation, Transmission, and Equipment
  • System Operations
  • Regulations
  • Policy, Environment & Current Events

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone New to The Electric Utility Business
  • Environmentalists
  • Policy Makers
  • Legal Personnel
  • Managers/Supervisors/Executives
  • Anyone Who Is Looking for A Broader View of The Grid

Class Contacts: Merrill Brimhall (Class Content) (801) 819-7668, Brandy Daniels (Registration) (801) 819-7650