What is Generation?

Because resources typically do not produce at their nameplate capacity, it is important to understand how much output is being produced from resources over time. This is called the capacity factor—how much generation is produced during a given period, divided by how much generation could be produced if the resource is generated at maximum capacity over the same period.

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By selecting separate regions from the map, you can see specific trends associated with the different subregions within the Western Interconnection. Different combinations of BAs can be selected from the drop-down chart.

Note: When a subregion is selected from the map, the list of BAs in the drop-down list corresponds to the BAs in that region. If there are selections in the BA list, only the regions of the map with a BA in the list are selectable.

To reset the map, select the highlighted region a second time. To reset the BA list, either “x out” of the BA(s) selected or hit the eraser button.