Western Electricity Coordinating Council


Anchor Data Set (ADS)

The Anchor Data Set (ADS) is intended to be a compilation of load, resource and transmission topology information used by the Regional Planning Groups (RPG) in the Western Interconnection as part of their regional transmission plans. The ADS can be used by other stakeholders in various planning analyses. WECC is developing the ADS process in partnership with the Western Planning Regions (WPR) and International Planning Regions (IPR). Data included in the ADS is intended to be compatible with Production Cost Models (PCM) and power flow (PF) models, including dynamic data and associated assumptions. The data is expected to reflect applicable state and federal public policy requirements, such as: Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), Regional Haze Programs, and Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS).

The ADS is comprised of data developed by Data Submitters, defined as NERC Registered Entities (Balancing Authorities (BA), Transmission Planners (TP) and/or Planning Coordinators (PC)) in the U.S. and by other entities in Canada and Mexico (or their designees). The ADS will reflect the WPR and IPR view of loads, resources and transmission topology for a ten-year planning horizon. The ADS provides a data set that is intended to be a common starting point for WPR. It may be used by WECC and stakeholders to conduct PCM studies and coordinated PF/dynamic studies.